A Week Without Plastic

This week I’ve been following a social media group encouraging a week without plastic. The idea was not to have to manage without plastic items, but to not purchase any new ones through the course of the week.
I’d love to be able to report that I’d managed to do this. If I’d been more organised I could perhaps have bought less, but this would have been by buying them in advance which seems like cheating really.
So I didn’t manage to go for a week without purchasing any plastic packaging. However, I was inspired to cut down and it did make me look really critically at my food shopping in particular. Once you focus on it, single use plastic is everywhere!
The first thing I did was go through my online shop and try to replace any plastic packaged items with alternatives. I didn’t manage a plastic free shop but I did exchange 5 items. I failed epically though with these Tesco cabbages which I ordered online. I was inspired to have a stroll around our town centre and enquire about buying some ingredients in bulk using my own containers. Some shop owners looked at me as though I was insane, but the more we discuss this issue, and use our purchasing power, we can slowly encourage change.

It is incredible how your diet changes when you try to cut out plastic packaging. Things like crisps, chocolate, cereal bars, convenience foods are gone. We’ve eaten a lot of home made bread, fruit and things like carrot sticks and boiled eggs. I feel this can only be a positive move for our health.
I have signed up to splosh.com which is a company who will send refills for cleaning products through the post. I shall review it once it’s arrived and I’ve had chance to try it out. I’m also hoping to switch our loo roll purchasing to who gives a crap, a company that supplies recycled loo roll wrapped in paper, not plastic.
Social media provides an amazing tool to connect with like minds and share information and ideas. I managed to find some UK beeswax in a local health food shop and I’m hoping to have a go at making some beeswax cloth, an alternative to cling film.
As a highlight to the end of the week I succeeded in persuading Toddler-monster to choose cardboard packaged smarties over wine gums. Every small step helps!
So I didn’t manage to be zero plastic this week, but I’m determined to carry on and improve next week. This is more than a week, it’s a lifestyle change.
Have you been inspired to switch any of your plastic items lately? I challenge you to swap just one item out of your shop next week and who knows, maybe the next week you’ll change another.


  1. Sue gritt

    May 2, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Well done and for highlighting this problem. I’m trying too. Any ideas how we can stop supermarkets wrapping everything in plastic?

    1. jess

      May 6, 2017 at 8:49 pm

      I’ve been thinking about this myself. I think the most effective method will be boycotting them unfortunately. I have just done my Tesco shop tonight and it did occur to me that my clubcard data will now be showing them that I am no longer purchasing any fresh fruit, veg, yoghurt, milk, bread etc from them. We can petition our governments to legislate but I think purchasing power is likely to be most effective and we all have to accept responsibility and vote with our feet.

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