Elderflower and Strawberries!

I’ve not managed to post over the last week or so as I’ve been mega busy but I have a couple of little projects ready to share.

Elderflowers are in season and I love their pungent smell. There are loads of things you can do with Elderflowers, but making cordial is probably the most iconic and dates back to Roman times. I probably should have dug the recipe out of my Mrs Beeton book, but I didn’t. I googled it and followed Jamie Oliver.  Mental note for next year to try his Elderflower Champagne.

Infusing for 24 hours




My tip is to make sure you get really fresh flowers, when they’re new and slightly lime green in hue. It’s the pollen that gives the cordial flavour so this gives you best chance at getting most of it. For more information on Elderflower and how to identify it click here.

Straining through a muslin








It will keep for a few weeks in sterilised bottles



Our local Pick Your Own has also opened! You can’t get more seasonal or local than this and the forager in me cost me a fortune this week. Our nearest PYO sends out updates via their facebook page so it’s easy to know when things are ready. Strawberries are ready and we now have copious amounts of jam. As I had a few elderflowers left I dipped these in while the jam was at rolling boil and it’s definitely added something to the flavour. At £4.50 a kilo it’s just a little cheaper than the supermarket but also a great day out, especially with small kiddies. I conceed I bought a plastic punnet, but they will give me 50p off for each time I reuse it.

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