Bamboo tooth brushes!

Most of my posts have been food related but there have been lots of other changes going on as well. However, they’ve taken longer to embed and I wanted to wait until they were established before I wrote about them.

Bamboo tooth brushes is such an easy little change but as a newby I wasn’t even sure where to get one. I had two big concerns:

  1. Would they clean as well as plastic tooth brushes?
  2. Would the materials be ethically sourced?

I have even seen some being given away free online and I was rather skeptical about the motives behind this. I did some research online and found this article  very helpful.

We have bought our toothbrushes from Save Some Green. They’re a UK based family run company and the information on their tooth brushes seemed well informed and ethical. The brushes arrived quickly and entirely packaged without plastic.

First we tried the charcoal enhanced bristles. They were much softer than we were used to and this took a while to adjust to. The theory is that the charcoal has some anti-bacterial and whitening qualities. I’m not convinced on either of those claims myself.  Also, after a while the bristles seem to stick together. We prefer the medium regular bristles. We have even switched the kids tooth brushes as small sizes are available.


Now that we’ve settled onto the medium bristles I am sold on the cleaning quality. This has been backed up by a recent trip to the dentist for toddler-monster. I had put my tin hat on ready to be told that his teeth were not as clean as usual and the associated parental guilt that that would bring. No concerns registered – go bamboo!


Before we switched we used supermarket own brand tooth brushes which usually cost about £2 a brush. Our new brushes are £2.75 each but if you buy 3 you get a 4th free. Postage seemed to be included so the cost increase is tiny. It does feel as though the brushes don’t last quite so long but I haven’t monitored this properly to be sure.

Just beware, if you are using these as a household of more than one you need to find some way to assign an ownership symbol to each one. We went with a marker pen and an initial!

So all in all a green win! Next step for investigation is home made tooth paste!



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