Green Cleaning!

 So here’s another post I’ve been meanimg to write for a while! I signed up to Splosh cleaning products back in May and I’ve now got the the point where I feel I can write a bit of a review. Just to be clear I am just a regular Splosh customer and I’ve not received any freebies (Although if you do fancy trying their stuff please use this code 959AF0 to save you and me a few pennies). You can read all about their stoiry and ethics on their website.

So I first signed up for washing up liquid and kitchen cleaner. You purchase a starter box (£9.95 for two products) which comes with two sturdy plastic bottles and the means to fill them both once. I’ve since also signed up for toilet and bathroom cleaner. You order refills through your online account or even more easily via their app.

Making up the stuff is very easy. You add a sachet or some concentrate into the right bottle and then add water up to a line on the bottle. The only issue I’ve had was with the bathroom cleaner. The soluble concentrate packet didn’t entirely disolve and blocked the spray gun. But that was easily fixed.

Washing Up Liquid (left) and Kitchen Cleaner (right)

One big positive is that all the products smell really lovely. The bottles are also quite minimalist in design and they look much nicer than other cleaning products. The bottles are good quality and are going to last for ages. One negative for me is the amount of plastic packaging that comes with the refills. I’m sure it could be reduced, but it is still less than buying a new bottle each time.

Washing Up Liquid

We live in a hard water area and to be totally honest, whilst this washing up liquid is performing well, it is not quite as good as supermarket own brand washing up liquid. I would put it on a par with the Ecover washing up liquid. It feels a bit thinner in consistency and we do seem to be getting through it a bit faster. Refills are £3.95 for a sachet that fills the bottle three times so it’s comparable to supermarket own brand washing up liquid if you forget the cost of the bottles in the first place. The refill comes in a plastic pouch. However, once you’ve collected up four you can post them back free of charge and they reuse them. We have decided to stick with it and consider the slightly higher cost as “doing our bit.”

Kitchen Cleaner

This is my favourite product. We’re still using the original fill up of the bottle (which maybe says something about how often we clean our kitchen.) Refills are £4.95 for four refills which is going to last us ages. My only grumble is the amount of plastic packaging for the refills.

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner

We have not had these products so long. For regular light cleaning they seem to be performing as well as our previous products. I did have to do a mega clean on our shower which had got in a bit of a state with my recent hair care experiments and busy times and I will admit I had to resort back to some of our previous products to shift the limescale that had built up on the shower screen. I am very jealous of people with soft water! I will probably be investing in some good old white vinegar to help on such occasions in future. Because I bought these products later I had to buy a new starter box and refills are £4.95 a pop.

Kitchen Cleaner refills (left) and Washing Up Liquid refills (right)

Why buy them?

  1. Think of the plastic bottles you save.
  2. Your CO2 footprint is reduced because the refills are lighter to transport than full bottles.
  3. You’re supporting a British business and your money goes straight to them not a supermarket.
  4. No animal testing.
  5. Plant based, biodegradeable products as far as possible.


All in all I like these products and I’m going to keep using them but I would like to see the plastic further reduced for the refills.

Please get in touch if you have a favourite eco-cleaning product.



  1. Corrine Muckerman

    February 28, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    I love my hydro flasks. I have a 20oz and a 40oz. I like Kleen Kanteen, but I prefer the Hydro flasks. Both do well. I have a Yeti rambler bottle, but I think Yeti is overpriced and doesn’t perform as well. It performs the worst at keeping water/ice cold. I tested all three with equal amounts of water and ice cubes. The winner was Hydro flask, then came the Kleen Kanteen, then the Yeti.

    1. jess

      April 15, 2018 at 7:45 pm

      Carrying a water bottle is a fantastic habit to get into. Maybe whilst cleaning the house?

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