Grow your own herbs!

One of my aims is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use and I’m now finding myself continually looking round the house and trying to think of alternatives.

I love using fresh herbs in cooking. We have mint, thyme, oregano and chives growing quite happily in the garden, however; others have struggled to thrive in our specialised slug/snail habitat. I have to admit I’ve got lazy and resorted to buying fresh coriander and parsley from the supermarket along with its plastic packaging and sometimes a plastic plant pot too.

Kitchen windowsil herbs is hardly a revalation, but it is something that, if given a few minutes to get organised, will save one or two plastic packaging items from your shop each week. It’s a small step, but in the right direction at least!

So the toddler-monster and I dropped by the garden centre to avail ourselves of some seeds and set about the house to find some suitable containers. We gathered lots as we’re planning on having a rotation with some herbs grown and ready on our kitchen windowsil, and a later sowing coming along on our dining room windowsil. I anticipate our needs will require swapping the containers and resowing once a month.

We found a great box to recycle. It came as a christmas present with some real ale bottles inside. We lined it with some old party bags and used sandwich bags and then used an old seed tray to hold the compost. Luckily, we also found another one in the greenhouse so we’ll sow that one next month. In a couple of weeks we should be able to eliminate the shop bought herbs! 

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