I’ve never followed a vegan diet but I’ve always been quite fascinated by the craft of creating amazing dishes entirely from plants. I follow a few vegan groups to learn about new recipes and ingredients and when I found out about aquafaba I had to try it.

Aquafaba is the water left over after cooking chickpeas, or the water from the tin of ready cooked chickpeas. It can be whipped up like egg white and can be used in a wide range of recipes as a vegan substitute for that ingredient. Unlike egg white it can’t be over-whisked. Everything you could possibly want to know about aquafaba is recorded here.

I hate wasting food so I rarely cook stuff that requires just part of an egg. I also love the idea of creating a dish out of a liquid that would have down the sink! So now if I cook using chickpeas I save the aquafaba. It can be frozen if you don’t need it straight away.

My attempt at chocolate mousse wasn’t amazing. Even though I cooled the chocolate it still went grainy. This recipe is a work in progress for me!

Meringues proved a bit easier. I can honestly say they don’t taste of chickpeas! I followed this recipe.

Whisking aquafaba meringues, with a chickpea and chard curry in the background!
The finished result
In progress

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