New Year Resolutions

I’ve never been great with New Year resolutions. Probably because I choose something unrealistic involving a vastly more healthy diet.

This year I do have a few ideas. Some are resolutions; things I’m going to try and stick at and maintain, and others are things I’d like to try this year. More like a bucket list for 2018.

Our agreed household resolution is to reduce the waste in our wheelie bin. Our kitchen bin takes a 50 litre bag and we’re going to try and aim to just fill it once a fortnight. We have some little steps to help us along the way.

1. Composting. Our hens eat most of our food scraps but we’re going to try Bokashi composting the rest. It’s things like tea bags, onion skins and banana skins that can’t go in the regular compost.
2. Tissues. Baby monster’s old muslins are going to be transformed into hankies when I get 5 minutes to get the sewing machine out!
3. Wet wipes. As a house of two toddlers it’s become an easy fix to reach for the wet wipes for any small spill or mess and we’ve been getting through loads of them. I will be buying a pack for the childminder bag but that’s it. We will learn how to use reusable wipes when out and about! I already use reusable wipes at home so it’s just a case of remembering to pack them.
4. Dishwasher tablets. I’ve found a recipe online for making my own and found all the ingredients locally. Fingers crossed it works and if so I’ll share!

Another thing I’d like to be better at in 2018 involves our solar panels. We’re getting better at trying to do certain household jobs, like laundry, during the day when the panals are running the house. We enjoy the quaterly payment that comes into our account. However, we’re a bit rubbish at properly monitoring our panels. So in 2018 I shall try to take a weekly reading to monitor our production and usage a little more closely.

Next week I start a new job closer to home. I’m really looking forward to less time in the car and using less diesel. It also means that we are hoping to squeeze a few more years out of my third hand Honda as the reduced weekly mileage will hopefully make that possible.

I’d like to investigate bulk buying food online. Companies like Suma welcome community groups to put in a bulk order with free delivery over a certain amount. Large sacks of ingredients can be divided up which makes them cheaper and saves on packaging. I’m not sure I have time to organise this right now but I’d like to find out how other groups run and bandy the idea round a few friends to see if there’d be interest.

I toyed with the idea of trying Veganuary but it still seems like a huge step and I know we’d have to go backwards on our packaging reduction in order to accomodate it. I also know my family would not be on board and it seems a big thing to impose on them. As a tribute to veganism I’m going to try and cut milk out of hot drinks and make my work packed lunches vegan for this coming month. Small steps!

My last hope for 2018 is to make a start on our back garden. We need to replace our fence as the first step in turning part of our back garden into a growing area. It’s been on our “to do” list for a couple of years but always slipped down the priorities. First step is to arrange a quote and see if it’s affordable for this year.

Does your resolution list include an eco promise? Can I tempt you to try a small change? Please share and let me know how you get on.

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