Seasonal Eating

I set myself a task of beginning to learn a little more about seasonal foods. Having had an allotment for a few years I have a rough feel for what’s ready when, but up until now I have to admit I haven’t applied it very well to our menu planning and shopping. Unfortunately the allotment had to be given up when we last moved and since then growing our own in our new house has not established quite as quickly as I’d hoped. I really feel that I come from a generation that has lost touch with seasonal eating. I’m hoping by learning more about it we can shop more locally and save money too.

So I turned to internetland in the hope of finding a handy chart that I could print off and stick to the fridge. Here’s what I found:

eattheseasons is my favourite resource because you can look at each month in isolation and be given a straightforward list. I don’t even feel I need to print it off now because I can simply screen shot the current month to my phone camera role and that will do for me as a quick reference. For quite a lot of the ingredients you can read background information and find links to recipes. I also like that it makes it very clear the ingredients that are in season but imported from abroad. Seasonal meat and fish are also included.

If you do want something to print off and stick to the fridge the love british food website has a handy pdf here that is split into the four seasons.

The BBC goodfood website has a nice interactive table here.

If you want something that looks a bit prettier there seem to be lots of calendars you can by from various online retailers. Alternatively, this one from is a fun interactive tool and you can fork out for in as a poster or tea towel if you want to.

So what is in season right now? According to it is:

Vegetables: cauliflower, kale, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, salsify, spinach, spring onions, wild nettles

Fruit: bananas (Windward), kiwi fruit, lemons, oranges, passion fruit, rhubarb

Meat and Fish: lamb, cockles, dover sole, gurnard, langoustine, lobster, mussels, oysters, red mullet, salmon, shrimp, whitebait, winkles


So I did a little better with my veg box this week. The price was lower because I ordered a more reasonable amount and I also dropped a couple of obviously out of season luxuries. There was also less plastic packaging but still not completely plastic free.

I had chance to have a chat with the grocer today and they told me that they post seasonal recommendations on their facebook page. They are also more than happy to advise if I drop them a line when ordering. I guess building a good relationship with local retailers is key to maximising opportunities to buy the best local produce at the right times of year and that’s something you just can’t establish with a supermarket.

Little Step Actions for next week:

  1. Meal plan with seasonal produce in mind and shop accordingly.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any great recipe links!


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