Spring Time Eats!

Over the last month or two I’ve been trying to design our weekly meal plans around more seasonal vegetables. I have focused mainly on the vegetables as a managable first step, but I’ve also cut down our fruit to simply apples, satsumas and bananas rather than purchasing things like grapes and strawberries which tend to come heavily packaged, even when in season. I’ve also been designing our weekly menus around the vegetables and cut down the amount of out of season salad items we were eating.

I have also found that our shopping bills have gone down slightly. There are other changes I have already implemented which will be the subject of later posts, but in a nutshell, we now spend £40 a fortnight with the supermarket, around £15 a week with our greengrocer and £6 a week on milk and butter from our local organic dairy. So this comes to £40 – £45 a week.

Our cupboards have also de-cluttered as I have removed items that I decided were unnecessary/unhealthy/heavily packaged. So gone are multipack crisps, cereal bars, biscuits, supermarket bread and yoghurts. We have blown the dust off the bread maker, the yoghurt maker and making more effort to snack on fresh fruit and nuts. I have lost 2kg this month and I feel we are just eating better all round. 

I have been scouring my recipe books and the internet for recipes and it has been great trying new stuff. We have eaten a lot of Purple Sprouting Broccoli as a side dish this month. It is great cold with a vinegarette and I’ve even had it with goats cheese on a pizza! Here are some dishes that I’ve really enjoyed.

Spinach and Gruyere Quiche

A very yummy recipe! We had it with Purple Sprouting Broccoli and homemade wholemeal bread on the side. I was very happy with the amount of green veggies this meal got inside the toddler-monster.

Mushroom and spinach lasagne

This was unbelievably easy to make and I would quite happily eat this every week. We found that due to the fact that it’s not packed with a wet filling, it dried out and was not great reheated the next day – eat it fresh!

Salmon and leek parcels

Toddler-monster will eat salmon until the cows come home and these parcels were very easy to put together.

Broccoli and Pasta Soup

I don’t see the point in straining tinned tomatoes so I have to admit I chucked the whole tin in. I also went a bit off track with the amount of macaroni and our version of this dish ended up more as a pasta dish than a soup. Yummy though and very fresh tasting.

Salmon and broccoli Lattice

I haven’t tried this recipe yet – I’ve saved it here to remind me to do so!

For information on seasonal food check out Eat the Seasons. I am definitely looking forward to trying out some asparagus recipes as that comes into season. We are also going to try a veg box from a local charitable trust after Easter, the contents of which will be grown just 10 miles away. Once we have a system settled we will begin to look at our meat and fish purchases and see how we can improve these.


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  1. Nicola @ The Frugal Cottage

    April 18, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    I love the fact that you’re seeing so many benefits from the changes you’ve made. I’m going to try some of these recipes as they all sound yummy!

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